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St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Church - Bulletin
July/August 1999 - Volume 5, Number 9

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A Message From Your Pastor

My dear parishioners,

The Consecration Service in the Orthodox Church is very elaborate and impressive and it lasts for ever in the memory of the faithful who are blessed to witness it.

"Consecrating a church actually means consecrating its altar. From the very beginning the one particular requirement for having an altar consecrated was the entombment of relics of saints in it. Later, when the sacrament of Chrism developed, and the Holy Myron was introduced as the visible sign and vehicle of consecration, altars began to be anointed with it as well. Thus, for a church to have been consecrated, its altar must contain relics of saints and must have been anointed with Holy Myron. In time, an elaborate ceremony of consecration developed, which apart from the central point of consecrating the altar, contains, as a first stage, a procession around the building and ceremonial opening of its doors by the bishop. The doors, walls, columns and icons are also anointed by the bishop." ("A Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy" by Father Nicon D. Patrinacos of blessed memory).

After the Bishop comes in front of the church doors and completes his dialogue with the priest, who is behind the doors of the Narthex, the doors are opened as the Bishop instructs: "Open your gates. Open wide the ancient doors and the King of glory will enter" and again "The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory." "...the Bishop raises the Paten and makes the sign of the Cross before the Church Doors. The doors are opened: the angelic host receive their Lord into heaven. The Bishop, representing Christ, enters the Church carrying the holy Relics followed by all. The heavens were opened for us by Jesus, the great Martyr of God the Father, and thus we follow him to his Kingdom. The Choir sings the Great Doxology as the faithful return to their pews." (From The Consecration Service prepared by Father Alexander Leondis). Then, the following hymn is sung as the Bishop enters the Sanctuary carrying the Holy Relics to the Altar: "You have demonstrated the splendor of the firmament above Lord, and the beauty of the holy tabernacle of your glory on earth, Lord, you are the life and resurrection of all people, strengthen this Church forever and accept our prayers which will be perpetually offered to you here, through the intercessions of the Theotokos." Perhaps, more than anything else, this particular hymn epitomizes the essence of the Consecration Service of an Orthodox Church.

On Sunday, June 10, 1984, His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America, His Grace Bishop Anthony of San Francisco, Father John Zanetos of blessed memory, St. Anthony's pastor, many Orthodox clergy throughout Southern California and our faithful and dedicated members of St. Anthony's Church gathered to witness and to participate in one of the most solemn, elaborate, meaningful and beautiful Holy Services of the Eastern Orthodox Church. From the pictures we have saved in our archives, we know that it was a bright, sunny Southern California day, a glorious day, a day that God enjoyed as He smiled and blessed our beloved parish. From the pictures in our albums and in our Consecration Book, we know that many of our present parishioners brought their young offspring to the Holy Service to show them the blessed results of their labors and sacrifices. The day has now arrived where those youngsters have become adults and have families of their own. These young families are the bright future and hope of St. Anthony's Church. Their parents have taught them the Orthodox Way.

On that day fifteen years ago, the hearts and lives of all the people present were consecrated and transformed. The property, the charter, the untold labors of our people, the tears and sweat of clergy and our faithful people were sanctified and were put into a new direction. The direction of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is depicted in the form of a descending dove on the front of our beautiful edifice, "All these are activated by the one and the same Holy Spirit, who allots to each one individually just as the Spirit chooses" ( I Cor. 12:11).

In just a few days, I will complete thirteen years of service to the parish of St. Anthony and to the community of Los Angeles County and Southern California. I am grateful to Almighty God that St. Anthony's Church is involved now in the needs and challenges of this community. Numerous activities, Orthodox and Ecumenical Services, gatherings, dialogues for young people and all the faithful took place all these years in our Church and Hellenic Cultural Center. From the very first day of my ministry in Pasadena, I realized, valued and appreciated the support of our dedicated people. As Timothy was instructed by his mentor, St. Paul the Apostle to the nations, they "guarded what has been entrusted to them" (II Timothy 6:20).

May the Holy Spirit be our guide and may He remind us that we too are consecrated and that this consecration is not a dead, inactive thing that happened fifteen years ago, but rather an ongoing Orthodox Way of life. Honoring this day of the Consecration of our Church, may we remember also the past in order to reflect upon and to celebrate the gifts of God in the history of our parish, "We know that all things work together for them that love God" (Romans 8:28). Amen.*

Father Efstathios V. Mylonas

*This is a brief address by Father Stathis delivered at the Parish Banquet on Saturday, June 26, 1999 on the happy occasion of the celebration of the 45th Year of the Granting of our Church Charter, 40th Year of Purchasing of Church Property and the 15th Year of the Consecration of St. Anthony's Church. To all those who worked diligently to make this event a memorable one, to those who donated, to the anonymous donors and all the participants, we extend deep appreciation. Special thanks to our illustrious guest speaker, Dr. Maria Pantelia, Associate Professor of Classics, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Director, University of California, Irvine who spoke on our Hellenic Heritage with such clarity and conviction, "Papyri and Codices: 2500 Years of Greek Literary Tradition." Thanks to the chairman of the event, Charles Christodulelis for all his efforts to make it so beautiful. Special thanks and appreciation to Honorable Michael D. Antonovich, Supervisor, Los Angeles County Fifth District, who and his wife attended our banquet and sent us a most beautiful scroll: "For the Anniversary of your Church Charter and Consecration, with sincere congratulations and best wishes the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles does hereby join in your celebration. June 26, 1999."

Name day of His All Holiness Bartholomaios I Ecumenical Patriarch On Friday, June 11, 1999 Feast of the Holy Apostles Barnabas and Bartholomaios, Father Stathis celebrated the Holy Eucharist and offered special prayers joined by the faithful who attended the Holy Service. May God be with our beloved Patriarch. May He grant him many healthy years, protect and strengthen him in his awesome responsibilities to lead the Ecumenical Orthodoxy from glory to glory.

A timely letter from His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony reminding us about a tragic anniversary

July 1, 1999

To the Reverend Presbyters of the Diocese of San Francisco: Greetings in Christ. I am writing to remind you that we are approaching the twenty fifth anniversary of the unlawful Turkish invasion and occupation of the Republic of Cyprus. As you know, Cyprus was invaded by Turkish forces on July 20, 1974. One-third of the island's population was forcibly displaced as a result of this invasion, and thirty-seven percent of the island's territory continues to be occupied. 1618 Greek Cypriots (including four Americans) are still missing as a result of these inhuman acts of violence.

I therefore ask that a memorial service be held on Sunday, July 18, with prayers for the souls of those who lost their lives during this barbaric invasion; I also ask that the homily that day be devoted to the horrific violations of human rights and dignity which are still being perpetrated there, as thousands continue to be refugees in their own land. Thanking you in advance for your attention to this request, I remain,

Metropolitan Anthony of Dardanellion
Presiding Hierarch of the Diocese of San Francisco

A video will be shown to our people, which highlights the heroic efforts of the Greek Orthodox Church's hierarchs, priests and the Greek people to save the lives of the Jewish people in Greece during the Holocaust. The date will be announced. We will also invite the Jewish-American community to attend.

Father Peter Lambert

Father Peter Lambert will substitute for Father Stathis during his vacation. Please attend Orthros and Divine Liturgies and express your love and support to Father Peter. To all I wish a restful summer and I ask you kindly to pray for me and Presbytera Maria while we will be away from you. We too will pray for you in the different shrines, we plan to visit.

Holy Sacraments

Thomas Anastasios, son of Thomas A. and Karen G. Christopoulos on June 5, 1999. Godparents: Elaine Bissias and Diane Bissias.

Panagiotis Theodoros, son of Theodoros I. and Fotini D. Medenas on June 6, 1999. Godparents: Kostas and Dimitra Kapogianis.

Eleni Fotini, daughter of Theodoros I. and Fotini D. Medenas on June 6, 1999. Godparent: Sophia Kypreos.

James Elias, son of Jay M. and Nicolette Fuerst on June 12, 1999. Godparent: Christiann Arapostathis.

Dimitri J. Panagiotou and Lourdes Reynolds on May 23, 1999. Best man: Thucydides Xanthopoulos.

Lee J. Petrohilos and Aphroditi Moutzouridis on June 27, 1999. Best man: Harry Klentos.

Harry J. Thomson and Diana Giakas on July 3, 1999. Best man: Kostantinos Giakas.


Irene Panagopoulos, beloved mother of Nicholas Skouras and sister of Dena Oldknow died on May 29, 1999. She was a devoted member of St. Sophia Cathedral Greek Orthodox Church of Los Angeles, but also a devoted and supporting friend of St. Anthony's Church. Father Stathis called immediately the family and expressed his condolences and prayed for the repose of her soul.

Presbytera Lemonia Aghiorgoussis, beloved mother of Metropolitan Maximos of Ainou, Presiding Hierarch of the Diocese of Pittsburgh died on January 3, 1999. Father Stathis expressed condolences to the Metropolitan and his family. May her memory be eternal.


"Let Love Guide You..." If our church is to adequately meet the challenge of this day and to enter successfully into the new millennium its great need is committed Greek Orthodox Christians. True Christian commitment involves the total personality.

The Apostle Paul wrote a great chapter to show how the Christian can best be used by God. He began with these words: "I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God-what is good and acceptable and perfect" (Romans 121-2).

The alert Christian recognizes that the measure of his personal commitment will help determine the extend of the church's vitality and his effectiveness. Let your heart and mind be opened in your giving and supporting your church. Thank God for His blessings, which you enjoy in your life. Let love guide you. "I do not say this as a command, but I am testing the genuineness of your love against the earnestness of others" (II Corinthians 8:8). Please renew your commitment and support generously your Church.

Philoptochos News

We are pleased to announce the election of Saint Anthony's Philoptochos board members. Elections took place at the lovely home of Christina Becronis. Officers include:

President - Fontaine Malisos
First Vice President - Jeanne Karaioannoglou and Charlene Vayos
Second Vice President - Ann Roman
Recording Secretary - Alexis Fine
Corresponding Secretary - Judith Din and Konstantina Paziouros
Treasurer - Maria Kokoris
Adviser - Katherine Skandale
Beautification - Maria Kypreos
Pennies and Prayers - Maria Hronas
Outreach - Christina Becronis
Publicity - Pam Buzas
Sunshine - Teddie Efstathiou
Welfare - Presbytera Maria Mylonas and Connie Becker
Coffee Hour - Irene Albeck, Alma Vorgias
Family and Society - Tashia Vagenas

Many thanks and appreciation to our outgoing president, Katherine Skandale for a very successful term and for her many years of devoted service to our community. We would also like to thank outgoing board members Nitsa Kirimis and Christine Pappas for their dedication and service.

Outreach - Philoptochos continues to serve Union Station the first Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in participating in this worthwhile cause, please contact Christina Becronis.

Meals On Wheels is a Red Cross program that serves confined and elderly individuals. Please join other Philoptochos members in volunteering 1 hours of your time to deliver warm meals. It is a rewarding experience. Call Maria Kokoris for more information

Christmas Benefit Luncheon - Judie Christopoulos and her committee are diligently planning for Philoptochos' annual Christmas Benefit Luncheon. This year it will be held on Saturday, December 4th, at the Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena. Save the Date!

By Fontaine Malisos

Blessing of our Play Yard

On Sunday, May 23, 1999, Father Stathis blessed our new Play Yard. Parishioners, contributors and particularly our children with their parents were present to enjoy and appreciate this most beautiful project. Paul Mallis, one of the major donors was called by Father Stathis to cut the ribbon and to dedicate this facility to our children. Father Stathis named the Play Yard, "Paidiki Hara," the joy of our children! We thank also Mr. and Mrs Randy Soewers for their generous donation to the Play Yard project.

Keep our Church grounds clean all the time We kindly ask our parishioners to make an extra effort to keep our Church grounds clean and presentable all the time. We don't have full time service to take care daily these things. Smoking in the property of the Church is not proper thing to do. It is not a good example for our children and particularly for our teenagers. Parents are responsible after their children finish their dance practice to put tables and chairs back to their place. There is no one to do this thing. Parents also are advised to supervise their younger children to respect the property of the Church. Our facilities are ours to serve us for many years to come. We must take care of them. Look how beautiful they are. The entire Hellenic Cultural Center is recently painted and looks so beautiful. Please cooperate.

Sunday School Graduation

Our Sunday School Graduation was held on Sunday, June 13, 1999. Faithful attendance was recognized. Congratulations to our graduates! We are grateful to our Sunday School staff members for their dedication to serve and to guide our children: Mary Albeck, Margaret Vagenas, Judie Christopoulos, Angie Stavros, Irene Albeck, Maria Grover, Jenny Tsouvalas, Sophia Kypreos.

Greek School Graduation

Our Greek School graduation was held on Sunday, June 20, 1999. A beautiful program was presented by the Greek School students. Certificates of promotion and graduation were presented to students. Anna Athanasoulis received the highest honor of the Archdiocese for achieving excellence in the Greek language. The Greek School teachers recognized for their dedication: Vasiliki Giakas, Anastasia McLain, Natalie Valakis and Lefteris Tsakiridis.

Graduates 1999 We express warmest wishes and congratulate the following graduates of 1999:

Litsa Floutsis - Glendora High School
Achilles W. Malisos - La Salle High School
Christopher Peterson - Loyola High School
Eric Roybal - Bishop Amat High School
Maria Vorgias - La Canada High School
Christopher Varvas - Glendale High School
Christina Zanetos - Immaculate High School

  • Christakis Christodoulou, MD - Diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine, Post doctoral fellowship with specialty in cardiology and cardiovascular Medicine
  • Spephanos Kaparos - New York University, MA in Social Sciences
  • Dena M. Pegadiotes - California State University, Los Angeles, MA in School Psychology
  • Nikolaos E. Sofronidis - California School of Technology, Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Lefteris Tsakiridis - California State University, Los Angeles, MA in Business Administration
  • Natalie Vallakis - California State University, Los Angeles, MA in Business Administration

Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Louis S. Pastis who has opened his practice as a chiropractor at Thatcher Medical Plaza, 960 E. Green St., Suite 114, Pasadena, CA 91106, telephone: (626) 440-7406.

Congratulations to Dean Efstathiou for his re-appointment and to James Hronas for his appointment to the Sister City Committee of Arcadia, CA and Tripolis, Greece.

St. Anthony's GOYA new officers

On Sunday, June 6, 1999 GOYA members elected the following officers: Nicole Hronas, president, Teresa Vorgias, vice president, Tina Fine, secretary, Samantha Malisos, treasurer, Kelly Kefallinos, historian. We congratulate them and wish them a successful term as new GOYA officers. On Sunday, July 11, 1999, they will take the oath of office and they will help with ushering in the Church and they will pass the trays. Anastasia Hronas will help, as an advisor for the summer months. Many parents are also committed to help with the programs and other activities.

Hellenic College/Holy Cross students visit our parish

A group of seven students (5 males and 2 females) and one advisor visited our parish on Tuesday, June 29, 1999. In the eve of the Feast of the Synaxis of the Twelve Apostles, Father Stathis celebrated the Holy Eucharist with Orthros beginning at 6:00 p.m. Those present witnessed one of the most beautiful Divine Liturgies in our Church. They will remember for long time the presence and the chanting of these very special students. Following the Divine Liturgy, a delicious meal prepared by Ann Roman assisted by Irene Albeck and Dan Bozikis was offered to the visitors and the faithful. A video and slides presentation followed along with a talk and questions and answers. It was extremely rewarding for all of us to see a little bit of our beloved School and to hear from its students. We thank Nick and Charlene Vayos for offering housing to two female students. We would like to quote, Mr. Louis Tripodes who was present throughout the long program. When we thanked him for joining us, he turned and said in his gracious way, "I thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness such a quality program." May God bless Louis and all those who felt this way. Indeed, it was a gift from God!

Our youth excel in sports

Pete Vagenas, former St. Anthony's altar boy who graduated from St. Francis High School in 1996, UCLA student majoring in sociology, excels also as a member of the U.S. under 23- National Soccer Team. He played in various cities throughout the U.S., as well as in Spain and Brazil. Pete most likely keeping his spot in the under 23 soccer team will be included on the U.S. Olympic team next summer.

Christopher Peterson, former St. Anthony's altar boy who graduated from Loyola High School in 1999, recruited by Tulane University, New Orleans, LA at the position of quarterback, Full Division 1 Football scholarship.

Stratis Floutsis, former St. Anthony's altar boy who graduated from Glendora High School in 1999, recruited by the Football team of Henderson St. University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas at the position of lineman. He received full scholarship and will major in social sciences.

John Zanetos, a young member of St. Anthony's Church who is studying at Loyola Marymount University, is the captain of the Rowing Team of his School. The team flew recently to New York and competed in what is considered Division 1 - Level College Rowing National Championships. They finished 2nd after the University of Wisconsin team, which finished first. Loyola Marymount, however, finished in the top ten, ranking eight nationally.

Congratulations and best wishes to these young people! Our Church is very proud to have young people of this talent and determination.

1999 San Francisco Diocese YAL Conference

The 21st Annual San Francisco Diocese YAL Conference is rapidly approaching. Metropolitan Anthony has selected St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church of Redondo Beach as host of this event, which will be held Labor Day Weekend, September 3 - 6, 1999, at the Manhattan Beach Marriot. For more information, please feel free to call us at (310) 289-3357, visit our website at, and/or e-mail us at

Campus Review

The Campus Review is a very informative Greek Orthodox newsletter for College students. St. Anthony's Church and our Philoptochos support financially this publication. Send the name of your College student and his /her address to: National Greek Orthodox Church, Campus Ministry, P. O. Box 8243 Metairie, LA 70011. They don't have to pay any subscription. It is free!

Mom's N' Tots

Another great year for Mom's N' Tots! Our enrollment was up to 40 toddlers. The Mom's N' Tots had a memorable year with new friends, songs, fellowship, projects and parties here at St. Anthony's.

Twinkles the Christian clown came to entertain at our Ice Cream social in the fall. We had a Christmas Pizza party in December that was put on by a group of our Moms.

During the holiday season the toddlers collected 27 shoe box gifts to be distributed to needy children around the world. The shoe boxes were filled with clothes, toothbrushes, dolls, stuffed animals, crayons and other goodies for children the same age as our toddlers. They were then distributed by a Christian organization. We went to see a play at the Glendale Theater, "Jack and the Beanstalk."

In January, we collected used and new clothing, books and other teaching material that we sent to an Orthodox Christian orphanage in Guatemala. We ended up shipping 7 boxes weighing in at 70 lbs. each!

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt with the addition of Janet and Judy, a Christian Children's music program.

We closed our class in May with our Graduation party.

It was truly a wonderful year! Many thanks to all the families who helped by giving their time and their donations to make our Mom's N' Tots a success.

We wish all our Graduating toddlers good luck as they continue on to Pre-school and Kindergarten.

We look forward to seeing the rest of our toddlers returning in September and hope to see some new faces this fall. Please look for our registration form in this bulletin for the fall.

Complete and send it back to us ASAP as there is limited space available. Registration forms also available at the Church.

Anyone in the community interested in working with children and would like to volunteer to help with Mom's N' Tots please call Esther Vavoulis at (818) 790-3395.

Anyone cleaning out their house and have children's books or toys such as cars (cozy coops), kitchen sets or playhouses etc. Consider giving them to St. Anthony's Mom's N' Tots or to the new playground. Contact Esther Vavoulis at (818) 790-3395. Thank you!

By Esther Vavoulis

35th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress

His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon of America announced that the 35th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress, the National Philoptochos Biennial Convention, and the Annual Young Adult League Conference will be held in the Diocese of New Jersey, at the Marriot Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 35th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress and the National Philoptochos Biennial Convention will convene from July 1 through July 6, 2000. The Annual Young Adult League Conference will convene from June 29 through July 2, 2000. The Rev. Demetrios Earl Cantos will serve as the Clergy chairman and Mr. Peter Pappas will serve as the Laity chairman of this upcoming Clergy-Laity Congress in Philadelphia. Bishop George Papaioannou is the Hierarch who heads the Diocese of New Jersey.


St. Anthony's Greek Festival will take place on the weekend of September 18 - 19, 1999 at the spacious and beautiful Santa Anita Park Infield. During this period of time preceding the Festival our community will be called to work together in order to achieve another successful Greek Festival. Baking and cooking dates will be announced. Please give your time, your talent, your love. May God bless you for your generosity and consideration.

The Mount Athos Digital Library and Preservation Project

The Mount Athos Digital Library and Preservation Project is a monumental program undertaken by the Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center in collaboration with the Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies, a research institute in Thessaloniki, Greece. The monastic libraries of Mount Athos hold 22,000 manuscripts dating from as early as the sixth century. The Mount Athos Digital Library will make this unparalleled treasure accessible to all interested persons via desktop computers and the Internet. Father Stathis serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Athos Digital Library Project. Nicholas Zarkantzas, our psalti and a member of St. Anthony's Choir, is the Director of the Mount Athos Project. He is completing his Ph.D. in New Testament at the Claremont Graduate University. Many Eastern Orthodox and particularly Greek Orthodox people and friends throughout Southern California and our country support generously this project. We encourage our people to help. We are always mindful to Gus and Judie Christopoulos for taking the very first step in opening their gracious home and their generous hearts by hosting a lavish reception on November 28, 1998 to help introduce this project to the public.

Department of Religious Education

The Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will hold its annual Summer Institute of Religious Education at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA from July 29 - August 1, 1999. For more information call (800) 566-1088.

We too at St. Anthony's Church we plan to have a Religious Education Institute for our Sunday School staff members and for parents of Sunday School students. Date to be announced.

Bible Study and Orthodox Theology

The study of the Bible within the Eastern Orthodox Tradition and Orthodox Theology will be offered in the Fall. This is going to be an effort to help our faithful appreciate the richness and importance of the Orthodox Paradosis. Those who have interest to participate should call our Church office at (626) 449-6943, no later than September 3, 1999.

The war and the conflicts in the Balkans

The war and the conflicts in the Balkans created a multitude of needs. Those who wish to help, please send your contribution to the International Orthodox Christian Charities, P. O. Box 630225, Baltimore, MD 21263-0225. Disrupted lives - refugees get a fresh start with help from IOCC. Generous and concerned parishioners of St. Anthony's Church contributed $3,000 to the Kosovo Charity Fund to assist innocent victims of the Kosovo conflict. Our Church with a contribution of $410.00 helped also the victims of Hurricane Mitch in Central America.

Project Mexico

Project Mexico provides houses for the needy and a home for orphaned teenage boys. Through your support of this ministry - whether in prayer, finances, in-kind goods, or physical labor - you participate in creating, immeasurable effects for needy families and young boys. Some are instant, others are painfully slow - but all are life changing! Project Mexico has a new address and phone number: Project Mexico, P.O. Box 120028, Chula Vista, CA 91912-3128, phone # 619-216-4974, fax # 619-216-4936.

CROP Hunger Walk Recruiter for St. Anthony's Church

Saturday, September 11, 1999 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. will be Recruitment Training Gathering at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1757 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena (just south of New York). The CROP is a reaching out to people program. Over the last twenty-five years, the greater Pasadena CROP Hunger Walk has raised $522,675 to help end hunger locally and globally. Of this amount, local anti-hunger agencies have received $130,669. Funds are also used nationally and internationally by agencies such as Church World Service, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, World Relief (National Association of Evangelicals), Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Baptist World Aid/Baptist World Alliance, etc. For more information contact: Church World Service/CROP, (626) 296-3195.

The Greek Orthodox Memorial Foundation

The Greek Orthodox Memorial Foundation has been established. An area in the Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, CA will be the site of the Greek Orthodox Cemetery. A Byzantine Chapel will also be built in the Orthodox Cemetery. Fr. Stathis, a permanent member of the Foundation has been elected president of the Board of Trustees and Andrew Demopulos vice president. For questions, please call Fr. Stathis or Andrew Demopulos.

The Cambridge Singers

The Cambridge Singers under Alexander Ruggieri, Music Director, former St. Anthony's Choir Director presented Ikons and Incense: Sacred Music of Russia. The concert, which conducted on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at St. Anthony's Church was a brilliant presentation. Our Church was filled to capacity and those present shared in the majestic music of the Russian Church. His Grace Bishop Jovan, Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Western America, Father Nicholas Checo, dean of St, Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Father Stathis and Presbytera Maria and other Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant clergy attended the concert.

Independence Day celebration

The American Independence Day was celebrated in our Church and we honored the fathers of our Nation. The homily was appropriately dedicated to the spirit of this Great Day in our Nation's brief history. The Sunday Bulletin was also dedicated to the spirit of the Day and an appropriate prayer was offered by Father Stathis.

George Stephanopoulos discussed and signed ALL TOO HUMAN, his new book at our Hellenic Cultural Center on March 16, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. Event sponsored by Vroman's Bookstore of Pasadena. Hundreds of people attended and many of them called or wrote notes to thank us for giving them to see George Stephanopoulos and hear from him. Father Stathis presented George with the following words:

I am proud and distinctly honored to present to you a prominent Greek-American, the son of our beloved friends and co-workers in the Greek Orthodox Church in America, Rev. Dr. Robert and Presbytera Nikki Stephanopoulos, the altar boy who has successfully ascended to prominence and who has become not only a visible celebrity, but also a force in our democratic system, where opinions are openly exchanged and issues debated: Mr. George Stephanopoulos.

After just a few years at the side of a most controversial and at the same time powerful man, William Jefferson Clinton, George was able to gather his thoughts, and empowered by his ancestors' art of debate and search for truth, has had the courage to emerge from the troubled waters of the White House and present his experience in a straightforward manner so that we, the citizens of the greatest democratic country in today's world, may learn something more. He provides us with an invaluable source of information and for the historians, a wealth of developments to study and analyze.

'Now, Mr. Stephanopoulos, says I watched far away, wondering what might have been-if only the good president had been a better man.' This is the question of us all and your book will provoke people to think, to learn, to appreciate, to debate openly and not in a biased, hypocritical and I will say, fundamentalist way, covered by the facade of religious absolutes. Thank you, George, for being with us and thank you for your powerful book.

Faith Journey

Come with us to Greece on a journey of renewal and inspiration from August 18 - 28, 1999. Faith journey, a summer travel program of Ionian Village, is specifically designed for adults of all ages. It integrates the rich culture of ancient and modern Greece with the liturgical and spiritual roots of Orthodox Christianity. For more information call (212) 570-3534, fax: (212) 774-0252, e-mail:, Website:

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Camarillo, CA cordially invites you to participate in the 1999 Youth Benefit Golf Tournament to be held at the beautiful River Ridge Golf Course on Oxnard. Date: Friday, August 27, 1999, one week before Labor Day Holiday. Please contact Michael or Maria at (805) 492-9773 or the Church office at (805) 482-1273.