Our Faith

[Faith] Articles by Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald:
  1. Introduction to the Orthodox Church
    Introduces the non Orthodox to Orthodox Christianity.
  2. House of God
    Describes the interior of the church building.
  3. Worship
    Discusses the form and characteristics of Orthodox worship.
  4. Liturgy
    Describes the meaning and celebration of the Eucharist.
  5. Sacraments
    Describes the meaning and importance of liturgical life.
  6. Special Services and Blessings
    Describes the non-sacramental services which contribute to spiritual life.
  7. Teachings of the Orthodox Church
    Outlines the salient points of doctrine and basic credal affirmations.
  8. Spirituality
    Discusses the meaning of theosis as the goal of Christian life.
  9. History
    Sketches the great epochs of Orthodoxy.
  10. The Church
    Outlines the procedure for becoming a member of the Orthodox Church.