Ministries - Philoptochos

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"Each woman's talents will enhance our organization."

Ladies Philoptochos Society of Saint Anthony's
Panagia Chapter
Pasadena, California

The "Panagia" chapter of the Philoptochos Society of Saint Anthony's in Pasadena was founded in 1953, two years before the parish was organized. The first group of women were instrumental in raising money and starting the building fund for the new parish in Pasadena. Today our chapter continues to help support the many needs of our church and community. The funds raised throughout the year benefits charities nationally, diocesan (San Francisco), Saint Anthony's Church and our community.

What is Philoptochos?

Philoptochos is one of the largest women's philanthropic organizations in the United States. It is the accredited international women's organization of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America. It is designed for Orthodox women to promote humanitarian efforts in their communities and beyond.

Philoptochos functions on three levels: 1) National Board, 2) Diocese Board, San Francisco, 3) Local Chapter, Pasadena.

In the 1930's, the late Athenogoras I, then Archbishop of North and South America established a women's organization to be named Philoptochos, "friends of the poor." Throughout the years the Philoptochos Society has tirelessly worked for the Church, family and community. The dynamic and compassionate force for those in need is a tribute to the early women who pioneered Philoptochos and those who continue to be a "friend of the poor."

Today there are over 400 chapters in the United States. Members make a difference in the world by their compassionate philanthropic efforts.

Our Mission

  • Champion of causes as they relate to the Orthodox Family and greater community.
  • Reflect a hands-on approach to philanthropy.
  • A Christian women's support group.

Our Responsibilities

  • To alleviate the suffering of those in need.
  • To assist the sick, poor, elderly, widowed, orphaned, and hungry.
  • To better understand current social issues, to widen the scope of philanthropic endeavors.
  • To provide opportunities to serve the church as part of stewardship.
  • To inspire others in upholding the Orthodox faith.
  • To provide friendship and fellowship with other Orthodox women.

National Charities

  • Social Welfare Services
  • Holy Cross/Hellenic College
  • Scholarship Fund-Holy Cross
  • Children's Cardiac Program
  • Cancer Fund
  • Ecumenical Patriarchate
  • Archiodicesan Missions
  • U.N.I.C.E.F.
  • Saint Photios Shrine
  • International Christian Mission Charities
  • Saint Basil Academy
  • International Orthodox Christian Charities
  • Orthodox Campus Ministry/Campus Review
Diocese Charities

  • Emergency Relief
  • Social Welfare
  • Kids 'n Cancer
  • Pennies and Prayers (diocese missions)
  • Saint Nicholas Ranch and Retreat center
  • Student Aid Endowment (seminarian scholarships)
  • Monastery of the Theotokos, The Life Giving Spring
Local Charities

  • Saint Anthony's Greek Orthodox Church
  • Union Station (feeding the homeless)
  • Friends In Deed (family services)
  • Monrovia Unity center (community outreach)
  • Villa Esperanza (special needs children and adults)
  • Children's Hospital
  • Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  • Elizabeth House (women in crisis)
  • City of Hope
  • Special Olympics
  • Young and Healthy (medical assistance for school age children)
  • Saint Sophia Camp and Retreat center
  • Sisterhood of Presvyteras
  • Violence Intervention Program LAC-USC
  • Red Cross-Meals on Wheels
  • Philoptochos Scholarship Award
  • Sunday Coffee Hour
  • Assistance provided whenever a need arises

Philoptochos Prayer

God, who has made all men in Thy likeness and lovest all whom Thou has made, reconcile us with one another and with Thee, and as Thy son and our Savior was born of a Hebrew mother, but rejoiced in the faith of a Syrian woman and of Roman soliders, welcomed the Greeks who sought Him, and suffered a man from Africa to carry His cross, so teach us to look upon the members of all races as fellow heirs of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Our Lord, thy only begotten Son, Savior and Lord and Redeemer, the Kingdom of Love, Peace, Grace and Immortality, Amen.